We invest heavily in our projects, so strategic partnerships with investors begin with an alignment of our goals and values.

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The kitchen within a Weiss Entities apartment room

Maximum Value

We’re committed to the investment and management of our suburban multi-family communities and retail developments in Northwest Indiana, retaining majority ownership for the appreciation of our real estate assets. Long-term partnership opportunities are contingent upon the criteria of a shared target market, product type, and transaction type.

The Weiss Approach


We analyze prospective partners using a series of benchmarks, including management styles, financial acumen, company culture, talent recognition, and the innovative processes they employ to achieve success in day-to-day operations.

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We employ diversified approaches when it comes to our projects. By clearly outlining our goals from the outset, together we’re able to advance objectives related to each project and benefit all parties.


Success is built upon detailed understanding. By analyzing our investments, we identify areas of opportunity and continual improvement using our extensive industry knowledge and network.

A project manager measuring a window at Weiss Entities' latest investment

Crafting Lifestyle Communities.